Granular Packing Machine: Promote the Application

Compared with the equipment in developed countries, the automatic granule packing machine industry in our country started late, and there is a big gap in technology. However, in recent years, with the support of a series of national industrial policies, some domestic enterprises have also continuously narrowed the gap with imported equipment through independent innovation and the introduction of foreign new technologies. The main technical indicators such as working speed, positioning accuracy, operation stability, there have been great breakthroughs in the degree of automation. In the context of the current rapid development of the traditional Chinese medicine granule industry, domestic granule packaging machine companies are expected to further seize the opportunity.
 china high quality granule packing machine
china high quality granule packing machine

However, the market is constantly changing, and the needs of traditional Chinese medicine companies are also changing. Production capacity and quality control are new challenges for pharmaceutical companies. Because traditional Chinese medicine formula granules have high requirements on production capacity, pharmaceutical companies also need to improve work efficiency in production, packaging, and other links, which will also force the continuous upgrading of equipment such as professional granule packing machine.
In recent years, with the development of automation and intelligence and the continuous upgrading of packaging technology, the power of science and technology will be more reflected in packaging machinery, among which intelligence is a major development trend in the pellet packaging machine industry. Intelligent, can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of drug packaging, saving labor and costs. It is understood that the high capacity granule packing machine on the market are mainly imported, and PLC is generally used as the main control unit, which can realize various control functions, so as to automatically complete the precise packaging of granular medicines. In addition, for particle defects, etc. It's online the detection system can also complete the automatic detection of drugs to ensure the quality and safety of products.
At present, many pharmaceutical companies are accelerating the process of modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, continuously establishing production bases, connecting upstream and downstream, and ensuring product quality through intelligent production lines. Smart Manufacturing Mode.
The industry believes that the food grade automatic granule packing machine has great development potential, but what needs to be seen is that there are still many defects in the research and development design of my country's packaging machine enterprises, the technical investment is low, and the independent development ability is weak. It is suggested that in future development, it is necessary to increase investment in research and development, enrich packaging functions, move towards multi-functional intelligence, and help them better development of the traditional Chinese medicine granules industry