Unique Liquid Packing Solution Provided by Focuspack

Automatic liquid packing machine fills different liquids into various containers by volume filling or metered filling, which can help businesses keep up with demand and significantly increase productivity. From food and beverages to cosmetics, these useful machines can increase profits and enhance a company's image in many different ways. In this article, we'll detail the advantages of professional liquid packing machine.

●Save time

liquid filling machines are far more accurate and consistent than filling by hand, meaning that a company spends less time on quality checks.

● Speeding up production

Liquid packaging machines are where businesses opt for automated systems to optimize efficiency and produce more units per hour. As you might expect, producing higher quantities of products per hour offers businesses the opportunity to significantly increase their profits.

●Enhancing profitability

Machines can work all day without paying for expensive non-social shifts and overtime.

●Flexibility And Easy Integration

Most complete liquid packaging systems are modular and allow companies to install liquid filling machines alongside conveyors, accumulating/unscrambling tables, and capping machines. With the right support and design, they fit seamlessly into existing production processes.


1.Product name:Automatic Liquid Packing Machine
2.A complete set system combines of lobe pump, VIP5 model packing machine and exit conveyor.
3.Make very less air in bag to maintain the product quality, especially for food.
4.For normal pillow bag as well as diagonal bag.
5.All parts that are contacted to the product are made of stainless steel or rust-proof material thus ensuring sanitation.
6.Photo cell registration control system accurately position the photo eye-mark.


All in all, liquid packaging machines are very important packaging solutions for many industries, especially the food and beverage industry, chemical industry, and pharmaceutical industry. Customized automatic liquid packing machine can greatly improve your production efficiency and save your cost. Focuspack works with the customer to design and build a system, understanding the customer's product, production needs, space constraints, labor, growth expectations, to meet the ideal solution for a specific application.