• VIP4


It is a small type economical packing machine with good performance. Same application as VIP6 packing machine, which is suitable for wide range of granular and powder products, not only for food but also non-food, such as beans, sugar, peanuts, frozen foods, milk powder, coffee, as well as nuts, screws, etc.

Product Detail

* PLC control system with easy interface for operating from weighing, forming, filling, sealing and printing
* Double-belt for film transportation, working smoothly and quickly
* Film pulling system controlled by servo motor
* Small film width up to 420mm
* Designed and manufactured in accordance with the safety regulations

Machine parameters:
Model                                VIP4
Packing speed 5-50 bags/min (determined by actual products)
Film width 180-420mm
Films Laminated film, PE film
Bag style Pillow bag, flat bottom gusset bag
Bag width 90-195mm
Bag length 90-560mm
Vertical seal width 15mm
Power 2.5kw, 220v, 50Hz
Air consumption 0.4m3/min, 0.6MPa
Dimensions 1400*840*1440mm
Construction Frame, electric cabinet and food contact parts are made of SUS304
Options Euro hole punch/ round hole punch device
Chain bag device
Tear notch device
Bag support
Gusset device
Gas flush
Bag deflector
Scope of application:
  • scope0
  • scope1
  • scope2
  • scope3
  • scope4
Sample bag:
  • scope0
  • scope1
  • scope2
  • scope3

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