What are the advantages of granule packing machine manufacturers

1. High degree of automation, the whole machine is controlled by single chip microcomputer and stepper motor. Therefore, the granule packing machine is safe and reliable in operation, and the parameter setting is simple and convenient.

2. The granule packing machine's transmission system is simple and stable, which can not only realize unloading, packaging, sealing and cutting in one step, but also effectively improve the packaging efficiency.

3. The granule packaging machine has a positioning stop function. In the process of sealing and cutting after packaging, not only the accuracy is more accurate, but the sealing and cutting knife will not stick to the packaging film during continuous shrinking and sealing. 

4. The granule packing machine has a low waste rate. The transmission system is equipped with an automatic detection device, which will not let the empty package enter the sealing and cutting process, and will automatically stop and pick it out, which can improve the quality and avoid the waste of packaging film.

5. The granule packing machine has a sanitary and reliable packaging environment. There is no need for manual intervention during the entire packaging process, and the materials in contact with the equipment are made of stainless steel, and even the drive shaft is free of oil.

6. The adjustment system is flexible and the packaging range is very wide. Items of various specifications, shapes and properties can be packaged by the pillow packaging machine, such as: biscuits, potato chips, paper towels, soap, hardware products, cartons, etc.

7. Granule packing machine has a wide range of applications. It can meet the packaging needs of food, daily necessities, medicine, hardware, stationery, toys and other fields.

8. The granule packing machine manufacturer is energy-saving and energy-saving, and has high efficiency. It can also adjust its functions and improve technology according to the needs of different markets. Because it is controlled by software as a whole, it can not only retain its advantages but also keep pace with the times.