About the advantages of bolt packing machine

1. Use PLC control system, micro-control mouse operation, support multi-national operating system.

2. Packaging realizes printing of QR code, equipment industry, batch number, etc. on the packaging film of the packaging machine, and the letter can also be labeled.

3. There is a stable vibrating disc technical team and self-produced vibrating disc technology, which makes the packaging machine more stable during the operation process. The surface of the vibrating disc is sprayed with DuPont glue, which will not cause any damage to the material. The noise is small and the debugging force is large. The weight of a single disc ranges from 40 to 160 kg. The vibrating disc material is heavier and the material is heavier. The system is selected according to the customer's specific material classification.
4. Each set of vibrating disc is equipped with full material full shutdown, lack of material alarm or shutdown device to ensure that each bag is accurate. The equipment has a self-diagnostic function, which can automatically alarm or shut down when a fault occurs (the user can choose to alarm or shut down), and it is equipped with multiple emergency stop buttons for easy operation.

5. The equipment can realize automatic arrangement, automatic counting, filling, sealing, packaging, conveying, sorting and packing of materials. The number of product packaging can be adjusted at will, the number of bags can be controlled by oneself, and the number of packaging can be automatically displayed, which can conveniently count the workload of the machine.

6. The equipment has reliable safety protection functions (safety protection devices are installed in all dangerous parts).

7. It is highly compatible and can meet the packaging requirements of more than 90% of parts with different shapes on the market. It is safe and has low noise. The stainless steel body has a neat and clean appearance. The packaging industry adopts a low-height conveying system, which completely breaks the traditional linear chain bucket conveying height problem, which is convenient for feeding and maintenance.

8. The packaging machine has automatic detection of no material and lack of material. When there is no material or no material, the equipment will automatically stop and alarm. Each feeder in the equipment can be turned on or off at will to facilitate production needs. (The specific packaging speed depends on the shape of the material, Determined by factors such as technology)

9. Vibrating plate feeder, vibration plate soundproof box, bag puncher, bag labeling machine, coding machine, finished product conveyor, box opening machine, box packing machine and other equipment can be added according to customer requirements.
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