Automatic Powder Packing Machine: The Solution to Efficient Packaging

If you're looking for a reliable and efficient way to package your powdered products, then an automatic powder packing machine might just be what you need. An automatic powder packing machine is designed to automate the packaging process, which helps to increase production speed and reduce labor costs.

Automatic Powder Packing Machine

The automatic packing machine is a quad bag type vertical form fill seal packing machine for food, and a wide variety of other products, such as coffee, tea, etc, creates a beautiful bag shape with 4 edges sealing.


● Panasonic PLC control system and humanized interface easily operate for multi-functions, like weighing, forming, sealing, and printing
● Well matched with multi-head weigher, auger filler, cup dozing filler
● Film pulling system controlled by servo motor(automatic powder packing machine)
● Design and manufacture meet the standards of CE Safety Regulation
● Meet the customers’ demand for a small pouch with or without a gusset
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Technical Parameters
Model VL-450
Packing speed 10-60 bags/min (determined by actual products)
Film width 180-450mm
Films Laminated film, PE film
Bag style Pillow bag, flat bottom gusset bag
Bag width 80-215mm
Bag length 80-300mm, max.600mm with twice pulling
Vertical seal width 8-20mm
Power 2.5kw, 220v, 50Hz
Air consumption 0.4m3/min, 0.6MPa
Dimensions 1250*1000*1680mm
Construction Frame, electric cabinet and food contact parts are made of SUS304
Options Euro hole punch/ round hole punch device
Chain bag device
Tear notch device
Bag support
Gusset device
Gas flush
Bag deflector

How an Automatic Powder Packing Machine Works?

An automatic powder packing machine consists of several components that work together to package powdered products efficiently. These components include:

Hopper: The place where powdered products are stored before packaging. The hopper can be filled manually or through an automated system.

Auger Filler: Components that measure and dispense the correct amount of powder into packaging material. The auger is driven by a motor, ensuring accuracy and consistency in the dispensing process.

Bag Forming and Sealing Unit: This component forms the packaging material into the desired format, fills it with the product, and seals it. The bag forming and sealing unit can handle different types of packaging materials such as paper, plastic, and foil.

Control Panel: Control and monitor the entire packaging process. It allows operators to adjust filling speeds, change pack formats and monitor machine performance.

Benefits of Using an Automatic Powder Packing Machine

Increased Efficiency: An automatic powder packing machine can handle large volumes of powder in a short amount of time. This means that you can pack more products in less time, which can help to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Cost-effective: By using an automatic powder packing machine, you can significantly reduce labor costs. This is because the machine requires minimal human intervention, which means that you don't need to hire as many people to work on the packaging line.

Reduced Errors: Manual packaging can lead to errors such as under-filling or over-filling of packets, which can lead to customer complaints and loss of reputation. An automatic powder packing machine ensures accuracy in the packaging process and reduces errors.

Improved Productivity: With an automatic powder packing machine, you can package a variety of products, including powders, granules, and liquids. This machine can handle multiple packaging formats, which helps to improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Consistency: An automatic powder packing machine ensures consistency in the packaging process, which means that all your products will have the same weight and packaging format. This is important for maintaining your brand image and customer satisfaction.
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What to Consider When Choosing an Automatic Powder Packing Machine?

Production Capacity: When choosing an automatic powder packing machine, it's important to consider your production needs. The machine should be able to handle the volume of powder you need to package.

Packaging Material: Consider the type of packaging material you want to use, whether it's paper, plastic, or foil. The machine should be compatible with the type of material you choose.

Accuracy and Consistency: Look for a machine that can accurately and consistently measure and dispense the powder into the packaging material. This ensures that your products are of high quality and meet your customer's expectations.

Maintenance: Look for a machine that is easy to maintain and repair. The machine should be durable and have easily replaceable parts to minimize downtime.

Cost: Consider the cost of the machine and the return on investment. Look for a machine that fits within your budget and provides value for money.

What Can Be Packaged by an Automatic Powder Packing Machine?

An automatic powder packing machine can be used to package a wide range of powdered products, including food products like flour, sugar, and spices, as well as non-food products like detergents and industrial powders.

How Fast Can an Automatic Powder Packing Machine Package Products?

The speed of an automatic powder packing machine depends on various factors, including the type of machine, the product being packaged, and the packaging format. However, most machines can package products at a speed of 10-60 bags per minute.

Is It Possible to Use Different Types of Packaging Material with an Automatic Powder Packing Machine?

Yes, most automatic powder packing machines are designed to work with different types of packaging material, including laminated film, and PE film. However, it's important to choose a machine that is compatible with the type of material you want to use.

Are Automatic Powder Packing Machines Easy to Maintain and Clean?

Most automatic powder packing machines are designed to be easy to maintain and clean. They often come with removable parts and easy-to-follow instructions for cleaning and maintenance. It's important to follow the automatic powder packing machine manufacturers' recommendations for cleaning and maintenance to ensure the machine operates efficiently.

Are Automatic Powder Packing Machines Suitable for Small Businesses?

Professional automatic powder packing machines come in various sizes and capacities, making them suitable for both small and large businesses. Small businesses can choose a machine that meets their production needs and budget, while larger businesses can invest in high-capacity machines to increase productivity.