Centering support device of screw conveyor

Screw conveyor is often used as a powder conveying device. It forms a powder distribution system together with a powder distribution device to complete the mixing and conveying of the powder according to the ratio. The performance of the device directly affects the operation status of the entire equipment and the level of the powder. Matching accuracy
1. Centering ring-type intermediate support device: The centering ring-type intermediate support device cuts the long original casing, the spiral blade and the pipe shaft into two sections, and installs a centering ring at the section of the pipe shaft. Bearings and sealing rings, etc., constitute the intermediate support of the tube shaft. The two tube shafts are connected by a coupling, and paddles are installed on both tube shafts. Its function is to overcome the powder caused by the discontinuity of the blades that push the powder after adding the setting center device. The material is partially accumulated.

The additional installation on the shell is also called flange flange or flanged disk to facilitate the connection of the split shell. The distance ring effectively controls the distance between the two centering rings, and also has a centering effect on the two shells, with its reasonable coaxiality. This reduces the difficulty of assembly of the Screw conveyor.

2. Adjustable centering support device: The shell of this structure is still integral, but a window is opened above the shell, and it is sealed by a connecting tube, a connecting plate and a cover plate. The pipe shaft is a two-piece assembly type, an intermediate shaft is inserted into the left and right sections of the pipe shaft, and the bolts are used to assemble them into one body.

The pipe shaft is hoisted on the cover plate through the support, U-shaped bolts and bearings. During work, once there is friction between the spiral blade and the shell, the center position of the blade can be adjusted through the U-shaped bolt to meet the needs of the screw conveyor for normal operation.