Common bag packing machine problems

When your automatic bag packing machine throws an error code, this is not fun. After proper preventive maintenance and training, troubleshooting of bagging and sealing machines should be few and easy.

How to prevent bag packing machine errors
Before starting to operate the machine, please check the following:
Before joining the heat seal, make sure the machine has been turned on for at least 20-30 minutes.
Make sure the heater temperature is within the specified range.
Ensure that there are no obstacles and failures in the product and bag loading area.
Ensure that all switches are operating normally.
During machine operation

When your bag packing machine is running, please check the following items regularly:
Make sure the bag is properly placed in the machine and there is sufficient supply.
Make sure that the printer, seals, and other important components are functioning properly.
Watch the HMI screen for error messages.

Trouble shooting for ordinary bag packaging machine
Before delving into the details of the problem, review the following four basic questions:
Is the machine installed in the correct environment specified?
Are there any problems with the product or packaging?
Is the machine equipped with a sufficient number of bags?
Are there other factors that could cause potential problems with machines, products or bags?

The sachet does not eat, the possible reasons:
Foreign matter enters the hose or the hose is damaged
Air valve or solenoid valve failure
Vacuum generator failure
Vacuum pad breakdown
The sensor is dirty

The bag cannot be opened, the possible reasons:
Vacuum pad breakdown
The bag sags or is loaded incorrectly
Air valve or solenoid valve failure
The filter needs to be changed
Incorrect time

The bag seal is defective, the possible reasons:
Sealing strip temperature is too high
Incorrect seal pressure
The surface of the seal is scratched or dirty
The bag is not centered or in a horizontal position in the gripper
Troubleshooting and maintenance of bag packaging machine

With proper cleaning and regular preventive maintenance, troubleshooting of automatic bag packing machines should be few and easy.

bag packing machine
Model                                VS-720
Packing speed 2-40 bags/min (determined by actual products)
Film width 300-700mm
Film Material Laminated film
Bag style Quad bag
Bag width Front width: 70-290mm, Side width: 30-100mm
Bag length 90-350mm, max.700mm with twice pulling
Vertical seal width 5-10mm
Power 3.2kw, 220v, 50Hz
Air consumption 0.4m3/min, 0.6MPa
Dimensions 1720*1580*2050mm
Construction Frame, electric cabinet and food contact parts are made of SUS304
Options Euro hole punch/ round hole punch device
Tear notch device
Bag support
Gas flush