Carton Box Packing Machine: Full Automatic Carton Packing System

The carton packing machine is a mechanical device that completes the packing of various commodities according to the pre-set packing requirements.

Automate your manual packaging processes and enhance your heritage and operational necessity. The automatic cartooning machine is easy to operate and manage, reducing production personnel and labor intensity, and is indispensable equipment for automated large-scale production.

Full Automatic Carton Packing System

The carton packing system is including sealing, strapping, and palletizer, which is suitable for many sizes of cartons.


● The automatic carton packing system is suitable for strapping and packing cartons of different sizes(carton sizes can be customized according to requirements).

● The machine system is controlled by PLC, with accurate positioning, fast response, and stable operation.

● Multiple conveyor lines can be designed according to the requirements of conveying, which makes production more efficient.

● High loading capacity, capable of carrying 25-35kg large-weight products.

Benefits of Carton Box Packing Machine

Carton packaging machines are the choice of many production lines because of their many advantages, which we briefly list below:

● Carton box packing machines can save labor and reduce the labor intensity of workers. The carton packaging machine solves a series of problems such as safety hazards and product reduction caused by fatigue.

● With high safety factors and high work efficiency, the use of carton box packaging machines can largely ensure safe production.

● It can improve the quality of packaging and prevent the packaging boxes from being damaged. The carton box packaging machine has a fixed packaging procedure, which can avoid the wrong operation in the packaging process.

● Using carton box packaging machines can get rid of the inertia and fatigue of manual operation, and you don't have to worry about the workers' absence and disrupting the factory, and the production progress will not be affected by talent loss.

carton box packing machine

Fast packaging speed and stable function make the carton box packing machine the best choice for many companies' packaging work.

With the continuous changes in market demand, the function and skill level of carton box packing machine is also progressing, bringing higher power to the company's production.