Group Travelling

With the porpose of relaxing the team from the busy and rush work, we Focus Machinery Co., Ltd have organized a two-day trip in Guangzhou from Sept.22nd to 23rd.

On the morning of September 22rd, we went to an ecological rural tourism area and visit the representative building Baode Temple which integrates Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

Then after a short lunch break on the bus, we arrived our second destination Dafengmeng eco-tourism area to experience the exiciting rafting. With Two people a group, we start our journey. It is really exciting and interesting with many rapid drops during drafting. When our boat reach the flat water zone, we have a heated water fight. 

After a whole day journey,  we all felt tired and went to the hotel to check in. It was a hot spring hotel so some of us have spent some time in the hot spring to relax themself.

On the second day, we went to a waterfall scenic spot. The environment here was really good and we felt extremely refreshed when breathing the fresh air here. As it was not the hot season for travelling, so it was quiet and away from the noise. Walking through the path during the mountain, listening to the occasional birds call and surrounded by the trees, we felt really relaxed and peaceful in mind. 

Finally when we reach the top of mountain, we have seen the spectacular waterfall.

Time flies and there be the end of journey. Through this short journey, we have relaxed both our mind and body, meanwhile we will put ourselves into the work with a better state.

It is a successful activity that have strengthened the communication between the staff of each department and enrich the company culture.