High Capacity Inclined Belt Conveyor

Inclined belt conveyor is ideal for conveying between mezzanine and floors, docks, overhead conveyor-to-floor applications, and other areas where items must be conveyed at an angle. It is perfect for safely feeding product to higher levels.

What inclined bucket conveyor is used for?

Belt conveyors can be used to transport products in a straight line or through changes in elevation or direction. For conveying Bulk Materials like Grains, Ore, Coal, Sand etc., over gentle slopes or gentle curvatures, a troughed belt conveyor is used.

What is the minimum speed of belt conveyor?

Many flexible inclined belt conveyor are low-speed types with belts running in the range of 2–4 m/s that transport materials a short distance, up to 1 km. In contrast, some critical services now rely on conveyors with belt speeds exceeding 5 m/s. Modern technologies enable achieving speeds as high as 10 m/s, 12 m/s or even more.

How do you control the speed of a conveyor belt?

Long or heavily loaded conveyors can require very high starting torque. Variable-speed conveyors can overcome this problem by ramping up the speed gradually. Large conveyors in fixed speed operation are often driven by slip-ring motors using extra resistors in the rotor circuit to reduce starting currents.

What is the best Inclined Belt Conveyor?

Inclined belt conveyor

Features of food grade inclined belt conveyor:

1.The Easy-to-clean PU belt uses polyurethane as the main body and stretch-resistant aramid yarn as the backbone for one-time extrusion. This structure has no cloth layer and no cracks, which eliminates the hidden danger of layering of the conveyor belt and the space that is prone to breed bacteria, and thus greatly reduces the time for cleaning the conveyor belt.
2.The sidewall belt conveyor allows for controlled feeds at one or more locations and can easily interface with various types of feeding devices.
3.The design of the conveyor is very compact, it only take minutes to install and disassemble.
the conveyor belt is very easy to clean. You can wash it by water directly and no need to disassemble the belt.

Technical Parameters:

Model FM-3F3 Inclined Conveyor
Machine Frame 304 stainless steel
Belt Material Easy-to-clean PU belt
Production Capacity 4-6.5m³/h
Machine Height To be customized
Voltage AC220v or three phase 380v, 50hz/60hz
Power Supply 1.1kw


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