How much do you know about fully automatic stretch filling packing machines?

Food is closely related to our daily life, and the packaging of food is constantly being updated. In order to achieve a good packaging effect, more and more people are beginning to adopt vacuum packaging. Vacuum packaging can not only extend the shelf life of food, but also can be easily carried out. Vacuum-packed food is also welcomed by the market. With the gradual increase in the food market demand, some small vacuum equipment can not meet people's needs at all, so Fu Yide has developed a fully automatic stretch film according to this demand Packaging machine, what kind of equipment is this?

First, automated production. Achieving automated production means an increase in production volume. For some large enterprises, in order to achieve a higher output in a day, a fully automated device will be selected to meet such high-yield requirements. The fully automatic stretch film packaging machine is such a fully automated equipment. Its operation process is different from other types of vacuum packaging machines. The entire operation process is completely controlled by a computer program. After setting the required parameters, the entire packaging process can be carried out. It not only meets the needs of manufacturers to realize automated production, but also solves the production cost problem of manual in the entire process.

Second, multi-standardized packaging. The automatic stretch filling packing machine is mainly used for packaging some snack foods. A common feature of snack foods is the appearance of a single product. For snack foods, products with multiple specifications are an important factor that attracts consumers to buy. If a device can meet the packaging of products with multiple specifications, this is what food companies are pursuing. The fully automatic stretch film packaging machine has taken this into consideration for you at the beginning of research and development. It can change the packaging of different specifications by changing the molds of different specifications. If the product has a variety of packaging forms, you only need to customize Adapt to a variety of different specifications of the mold can be satisfied.

Third, special customized functions. There are various types of food, including solid and liquid. Each kind of food has different characteristics. For some special foods, some auxiliary functions can be added to meet the needs of different foods.

Fully automatic stretch filling packing machine is a kind of equipment with full automation function. Once it was launched on the market, it has also been recognized and praised by production enterprises. For some of its functions, it is constantly updated according to market demand. With the continuous advancement of technology, the automatic stretch film packaging machine will be added with more functions appearing in front of us.