How to use automatic granule packing machine to package products?

Use automatic granule packing machine to package products, the main packaging process is as follows:
The automatic granule packing machine is the representative of full automation, and it is also the main part of the packaging machinery industry. Therefore, the automatic granule packing machine must integrate technology and productivity into the production requirements of this era, through versatility, intelligence, high efficiency, and labor reduction. And so on to survive in this commodity competition environment.

Generally speaking, the packaging speed and the rated range of bag length can be set by PLC control for stepless adjustment. After setting, the stepping motor is generally used to drive the bag directly, so that the length and distance of the bag can be more Accurately in place, the length of the bag is accurate, generally, it can better play a neat and unified standard for the heating and sealing process.

For the heat sealer, it is best to use four-way heating control. The heat sealing temperature can be preset and automatically controlled to ensure a good heat balance. This can ensure that the bag is sealed tightly and smoothly and beautifully. For the adjustable cup measurement, the packed materials with uniform density can be used for accurate, stable and reliable measurement, which is in line with the measurement standard. All technical parameters can be directly displayed on the display of the automatic granule packing machine controller. Packaging speed and production volume at the time.