Inspection Of Automatic Packing Machine

When the automatic packing machine factory overhauls the vacuum packaging machine generator, the excitation circuit should be disassembled to repair the various components.
automatic packing machine
Purge the dust on the de-excitation switch with compressed air, check whether the connecting wires of the components of the automatic packing machine are intact, the connecting bolts of the connecting wires should not be loose, and the operation of the operating mechanism should be flexible. The singeing of the main and auxiliary contacts shall be carefully trimmed with a file to ensure that the contacts and the lead wires shall be free from discoloration.
Automatic vacuum packing machine generator rotor discharge resistance and magnetic field discharge resistance are generally installed together with the de-excitation switch, should be checked for no overheating, discoloration and other phenomena. When the DC resistance value is compared with the previous data, the value differs by no more than 5 percent. After the overhaul, the above components shall be subjected to a 1 kV 1 minute AC withstand voltage test, and the insulation resistance value is greater than 1 megohm.
automatic packing machine
For the generator of the packaging machine to clean the magnetic field varistor, the operating mechanism of the magnetic field varistor should be closely coupled, the screw is tightened, and the contact between the moving and static contacts is good. The surface of the static joint is smooth and there is no trace of damage, otherwise it will be sanded with a sandpaper or flattened with a file. The moving contact should be installed firmly and with good elasticity.
The bag vacuum packing machine measures the value of each piece of resistance. The change of the resistance value should have a certain regularity, and the difference should be no more than 5 percent when compared with the previously measured value, and then exchange 1 kV for 1 minute. Pressure test, the insulation resistance should be greater than 1 megohm after the test.
Check whether the brush holder insulation of the slip ring is good. It should pass the 2 kV 1 minute AC withstand voltage test, and the insulation resistance value should be greater than 1 megohm. The brush holder and the spring are required to be repaired. The gap between the brush holder and the slip ring should be 2.5~3 mm, and the gap between the brush and the brush should be 0.1~0.2 mm. The brush should also be in accordance with the above exciter. The requirements are ground and installed.
When the vacuum packing machine generator is under minor repair, the insulation resistance of the stator winding should be measured. When the repair is small, the rotor is not drawn. If it is not necessary, the end cover is not opened. If the end cap is open, the stator winding end, the rotor guard ring, the fan, etc. should be inspected and cleaned (purged with compressed air). When the hydrogen-cooled generator is under minor repair, the hydrogen cooler should be cleaned. When the water-cooled generator is under minor repair, the forward and reverse flushing of the rotor and water circuit should be carried out.
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