Principles of purchasing granule packing machine

The reason why the granule packing machine is getting more and more attention is that compared with the traditional equipment, the new granule packing machinee adds weighing skills on the original basis, and is widely used in pesticides, feed, additives, laundry Quantitative weighing and packaging of powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, seeds, rice, nuts, pepper and other granular powder materials. It can be said to be a brand new test and innovation.

The continuous expansion of the pellet packaging machine industry is also a challenge for pellet packaging machine manufacturers. Consumers have an additional choice when choosing related equipment, which has also increased their requirements for products. Traditional pellet packaging machines have become more Since it has been unable to meet the needs of users, companies should continue to increase their technological innovations in products and increase their capital investment. Their products are very competitive and can meet the needs of different users. The efficiency is one. Aspect, and quality is also another aspect. Because the particle packaging machine is more and more important for product development, the particle packaging machine manufacturer must continue to innovate it and improve the skills.
   In the process of purchasing a pellet packaging machine, in order to purchase more suitable products, we need to pay attention to the following guidelines:
  1. High cost performance: The quality of domestically produced pellet packaging machines has been greatly improved than before, and the proportion of exports is now imported. Therefore, the quality of imported machines can be purchased at the price of domestic machines. Buy what is right, not what is expensive.
  2. Category advantage: select models with sophisticated skills and stable quality, so that the packaging will be fast and stable, low energy consumption, low manual work, and low waste rate. Packaging machines are talent-consuming machines. If you buy low-quality machines and accumulate wasted packaging film in daily production in the future, the decision is not a small number, especially now that packaging materials are rising.
  3. After-sales service: "In the circle" must have an outstanding reputation, timely after-sales service, on-call, especially important for food processing enterprises. For example, moon cake companies only have a short two-month production period each year. If there is a problem in the production of the packaging machine that cannot be dealt with immediately, the loss can be imagined.
  4. If there is an on-site inspection, pay attention to the serious aspects and pay attention to the small details. The details often determine the quality of the whole machine. Try to bring samples as much as possible. Packaging machines trusted by peers can be given priority.
  5. When buying a pellet packaging machine, many buyers hope that one device can pack all kinds of their own. In fact, the packaging effect of special machines is often better than that of compatible machines. No more than 3-5 types can be packaged by a packaging machine. In addition, products with a relatively large size distance should be separated by machine packaging as much as possible.