Reasons for loose bags in granule packing machine

When the granule packing machine loosens the packaging bag, it is generally manifested as the granule packing machine automatically loosens the packaging bag when the weighing hopper puts a little material into the packaging bag after the material is weighed. It is not common in the production process of granule packing machine, but it is very representative. This phenomenon indicates the end of this term, and all the conditions meet the requirements of automatic blanking, that is, the solenoid valve is over-powered and the control cylinder has acted, but the cylinder has insufficient stroke.

The main reason for this kind of failure of granule packing machine: Although the gas source is relatively clean nitrogen, the nitrogen will carry rust slag when passing through the steel pipeline. The original gas filtering device does not work well, causing rust powder to enter the solenoid valve. In addition, the short opening time of the material door designed in the program causes this failure. After replacing the gas filter device, the problem was completely solved.

Check the reasons for the loosening of the granule packing machine:
1. The first is to check the air source pressure, which is 0.55MPa, within the normal range, check the solenoid valve, dial the manual knob, the air path is normal, the cylinder moves and the stroke is sufficient, the material door can be opened, and the automatic weighing again is still not possible Automatically unload the bag. Stop the scale, send power, and start the packaging machine again, the fault is the same.

2. After observation, it was found that the output indicator light of the control #4f7 on the PLC flashed quickly, and the output terminal was measured with a multimeter. There was indeed 24VDC output, but the time was very short. It was judged that the solenoid valve gas circuit was not sensitive to change The failure.

3. After replacing the solenoid valve with a new one, the packaging machine returned to normal, but the fault reappeared after 3 days, and then replaced the solenoid valve. The fault reappeared two or three days later. Confirm that the solenoid valve has the best quality. Open the solenoid valve and check it. There is rust on the shaft, which causes the reversing to be insensitive, and the time for the PLC to control the opening of the material door is very short. The solenoid valve fails to fully reverse in a short time and cannot control the material door to fully open and discharge.

The granule packing machine improves all aspects that affect economic development and is an important basic equipment. The future development should also be viewed from a different angle. It is imperative to build a granule packing machine with better quality and comprehensive development for the faster and faster development of the national economy. The times are progressing and society is developing. At present, granule packing machine is widely used in the international market and its development is also very rapid.