Some matters needing attention when using granule packing machine

There are many things to pay attention to when using granule packing machine. So what should I pay attention to? Let's talk about it briefly so that everyone can understand it.
1. Reasonable use
When using granule packing machine, the staff should first use it reasonably. Because it is only used reasonably, its service life will be extended. If you use it for a long time, the machine will not rest. Of course, there will be malfunctions. For example, if you have been working instead of taking a break, you can imagine a natural physical condition, like a machine.
Second, maintenance
When using granule packing machine, staff also need to maintain and maintain equipment. This makes it last longer and therefore easier to use. In the maintenance and maintenance, the staff must be careful, so that the maintenance is in place, and will not miss any blind spots.
Third, when staff use equipment, they also need to record. The time of each use, and the frequency of maintenance and cleaning. If there is a record of this record, it will be used naturally at a later stage.
Therefore, these are essential when users use granule packing machine.
First, let us first understand the explosion-proof principle of packaging equipment: Since most granule packing machines are filled with powder and granules, it is inevitable to carry dust. The particles are still very good, and those ultra-fine powder materials (such as milk powder, toner, etc.) are particularly dusty. At this time, due to the large amount of dust floating in the air, most of the flammable and explosive dust contains H, C, N, S and other chemical elements. When they are oxidized and decomposed in the air, the heat will explode. Dangerous, especially aluminum powder, is the easiest to explode in a carbon dioxide environment.
However, having said that, the difficulty of material dust explosion is related to the nature of the environment. And the reasons for the explosion are not the same. Some materials tend to conduct electricity. Some materials do not conduct electricity, but they are electrostatically charged due to the friction between the machine and the air.
So how to make simple and effective explosion-proof measures for equipment is very necessary. Here is a brief introduction:
 1. Ensure that the ambient air is stable and avoid contact with oil mist. In a flammable and explosive environment, such as gas;
 2. Adopt dust-proof means such as dust-proof feeding station to ensure the tightness of packaging machine and conveying system, completely eliminate dust, and it is possible to avoid explosion;
 3. Use explosion-proof packaging equipment (explosion-proof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, non-sparking type and dust explosion-proof type, etc.) and explosion-proof touch screen and other explosion-proof equipment to assemble and manufacture packaging machines.