The correct maintenance method of automatic packing machine

Regular mechanical maintenance of the automatic packing machine is a better way to maintain stable mechanical life and performance. Generally, in the maintenance process, except for the operation and maintenance personnel, other personnel are prohibited from repairing the machine. Please turn off the power before operation to avoid danger.

Basic maintenance process:

1. The conveyor belt of the machine must be blown clean with air pressure before working every day.
2. Maintenance of the remaining recovery axle.
3. When you find that there is shrink film residue on the edge of the sealing knife, please gently remove the surface residue with a cork board. Metal wiping is prohibited. Metal friction will damage the protective film on the knife and reduce the function of the sealing knife.
4. Maintenance of bearings and bearing seats: maintenance is about once every three months. The part of the machine with bearings and bearing seats on the outer surface of the machine needs to be dripped with hydraulic oil in the contact gap between the bearing and the main shaft to maintain lubrication and ensure the surface of the machine. Clean.
5. Maintenance of chain and sprocket: maintenance is about once every three months. First remove the protective cover of the transmission part, apply grease to the contact gap between the chain and the sprocket, and reinstall the protective cover after maintenance.
6. Adjust the belt tightness: After the belt runs for a period of time, the belt will loosen. If the belt cannot be driven tightly, you need to adjust the belt tightness.
7. Check whether the fixing screw of the cutter is locked, if it is loose, lock it.
8. Check the Teflon tape on the sealing silicone strip. If it is damaged, it needs to be updated.
9. If the Teflon on the cutter has fallen off, the film is easy to stick to the cutter, and the cutter must be re-treated with Teflon or replaced with a new sealing knife.
10. Replace the electric heating tube: When the electric heating tube cannot be heated, the electric heating tube must be replaced.

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