The main components of the screw conveyor feeder

(1) Spiral: The spiral is the main part of the machine, which is composed of a shaft and a spiral blade welded to the shaft. Spiral blades are the same as threads, and can be divided into two types: left-handed and right-handed.
There are many types of spiral blades, which are generally selected according to needs. There are the following four common spiral blades.
1) Entity spiral, this form is widely used. It has simple structure and high feeding efficiency, which is most suitable for bulk materials.
2) Ribbon spiral. The contact part between the spiral blade and the shaft is empty. It is supported by bracing. The spiral surface is narrow, which can prevent the material from being crushed or the spiral blade and the body are jammed by the bulk material, and the bulk is transported. Used when mixing with viscous materials.
3) Toothed spiral. This spiral has several notches on the edge of the blade. Because the spiral has toothed grooves, it can loosen, agitate and convey materials at the same time, so it is mostly used for conveying materials that are easy to be squeezed.
4) Bending tooth spiral, the spiral protruding blade can continuously lift and turn the material during the rotation process, and it can simultaneously mix, cool and dry the material during the conveying process.
(2) Feeding and unloading device: The feeding and unloading device of the screw feeder has many forms to meet the requirements of different feeding and unloading positions. Common feeding methods are as follows: the material directly falls on the spiral blade for feeding, or the star feeder is used to feed the material. This feeding can adjust the amount of material entering the screw feeder. Generally, the discharge port is opened from the bottom of the machine tank, and sometimes several discharge ports can be opened along the length of the machine to meet the needs of multi-point feeding.
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