The principle and characteristics of rice packing machine

The main function of vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen to help prevent food from spoiling. The principle is also relatively simple. The mildew and spoilage of food is mainly caused by the activities of microorganisms, and most microorganisms (such as molds and yeasts) need oxygen to survive. Yes, and vacuum packaging uses this principle to extract oxygen in the packaging bag and food cells, so that microorganisms lose their living environment.
Performance characteristics of rice packaging machine:
1. The single-bucket reciprocating elevator has a loading capacity of 500Kg at a time, does not damage the original particle shape of the material, and prevents the delamination and segregation of the evenly mixed product.
2. Special anti-corrosion measures greatly extend the service life of the equipment.
3. The maintenance platform is equipped with guardrails and escalators for easy cleaning and maintenance.
4. The electrical cabinet is sealed as a whole, with good dust-proof and moisture-proof effects.
5. The conveyor is of roller type structure, no material accumulation, no slippage, and easy to clean.

Features of rice packaging machine:
1. High-performance weighing controller, fast sampling speed, good control performance and simple operation.
2. The unique three-stage feeding mechanism makes the packaging speed fast and the packaging precision high.
3. Reliable performance, easy installation and debugging.
4. Optional sewing bag conveyor to realize woven bag sealing and packaging.
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