What are the characteristics of the vertical packing machine configuration?

What are the characteristics of the vertical packing machine configuration? Many people who want to buy packaging machines will definitely encounter vertical packaging machines when they consult some packaging machine manufacturers. So, what is a vertical packaging machine and what is its specific configuration?

Vertical packaging machine refers to the feeding by the material stretching feeding device during the packaging process. The plastic film passes through the film cylinder to form a tube shape, and the side is sealed by the hot vertical sealing device. Cut the package length and position according to the color label photoelectric detection device.

• How to choose the right model of machine?
The vertical packaging machine model is defined according to the maximum film width. For example, the maximum acceptable film width of the VS-720 packaging machine is 300mm-700mm.

• Know the bag width and how to calculate the film width
When calculating the film width, look at the bag type. Generally, the film width consists of two parts, namely the bag width * 2 and the sealing roll width * 2. If it is an angle, add another angle.

• What are the common optional devices for vertical packaging machines?
Gusseting device / Punching device / Upper feeding device / Under bag device / Nitrogen filling device / Exhaust device / Bagging device / Easy tear device / Upper hopper vibration device / Heat transfer printer / Dust removal device Waiting / bag making device / vacuum.

• What is the function of the bag-making device?
For relatively fluffy or long-shaped materials, the bag can be dipped into the bottom of the bag through the patting device to facilitate the sealing of the roller and the cutting of the bag with a cutter.

• What is the function of the feeding device?
Some single materials are heavier, such as potatoes and nuts. It is easy to smash the singles. Loading materials can prevent the materials from smashing the bag. For the target weight is relatively heavy, the sealing properties of the sheet are not good, the inner PE is relatively thin, the material is easy to break through the horizontal seal, and the material can also be used.

Another situation is that the material cannot be dropped at one time, and sometimes it will affect the sealing. It can use a feeding device to help the sealing roller to block a part of the material to prevent the material from falling into the middle of the sealing while it is being sealed.

• What is the function of the lower bag device?
When the target weight of the material exceeds 1kg, the dragon's whisker supporting the bag cannot stably support both sides of the bag, which may easily cause wrinkles in the horizontal seal, which is not beautiful. At this time, it is necessary to hold the bag to bear a part of the weight.

• What are the application limitations of the vacuum device?
Generally for non-fluffy materials such as beans, the target weight of the material should not be too heavy, exceeding 400g, the effect is not good. Because when the vacuum is drawn, the bag will become smaller and the whole bag will be lifted. If the bag is too heavy, it cannot be lifted well.

• What are the characteristics of PE film sealing device?
The PE film is easy to melt, and the temperature cannot be too high. As soon as the sealing roller touches the film, the film will melt. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly contact, fast seal, and quickly withdraw the sealing roller. The form of the seal is generally a line.

• Vertical packing machine has two kinds of cut shapes: zigzag and flat mouth.