Which stages of operation does the automatic granule packing machine go through in the working process

        The automatic granule packing machine is a device often used in production activities. It is mainly used to quantify various granule materials, such as seeds, MSG, candy, medicines, granular fertilizer, etc., according to its automation The degree can be divided into two types: semi-automatic and fully automatic. Semi-automatic, as the name suggests, requires manual support of the bag (or bottle) and the equipment completes quantitative feeding, and then cooperates with the sealing equipment to complete the sealing. Fully automatic uses automation technology to automatically complete the bag making , Weighing, filling, coding and other actions.

       Under the automatic granule packing machine, pack the packaging material between the two stoppers, and set it in the groove of the arm plate of the automatic granule packing machine. The stoppers should clamp the core of the packed material to make the packaging Align the bag holder, and then tighten the knob on the stopper, and ensure that the printing surface is facing forward or the composite surface (ie, the polyethylene surface) is facing back. After starting the machine, adjust the axial position of the packaging material on the carrier roller according to the paper feeding situation to ensure normal paper feeding.

       Secondly, we must choose the packaging equipment according to the quantity we pack. The quantity set by each packaging machine is different, so the quantity is different. Try to choose the one with the same scale and choose more capacity Otherwise, it will cause unsatisfactory weight after the product is packaged. Before starting the automatic granule packing machine, check whether the specifications of the filled cup and the bag maker meet the requirements. Pull the belt of the main motor by hand to see if the automatic granule packing machine is running flexibly. Only after confirming that the automatic granule packing machine is normal, it can be powered on.

       In addition, packaging machine automation is also very important. At present, some equipment generally has the defect of low degree of automation, which can only be operated by experienced personnel, but once the personnel is lost, the impact on the enterprise is great. Therefore, highly automated equipment has become the darling of the machinery and equipment industry. Employees only need to master some key data, and these equipment are usually simple to operate, fast, and efficient. The third is the feeding mode of the packaging machine. The most common ones are belt conveyors and screw feeders. This can be selected according to the characteristics of the material.

       Turn on the main power switch of the automatic granule packing machine, press down the clutch handle to separate the metering mechanism from the main drive, turn on the start switch, and the machine runs dry. If the conveyor belt rotates clockwise, it should stop immediately. At this time, the main motor reverses, and the motor is reversed to make the belt rotate counterclockwise. Set the temperature, according to the packaging material used, set the heat sealing temperature on the temperature controller of the electric control box. The difference between the automatic automatic granule packing machine is that it has more bag-making modules, using stepper motor subdivision technology, automatic tracking and automatic positioning of the color code of the bag to complete the bag-making operation. The intelligent temperature controller dual-channel control horizontal and vertical Sealing temperature, so that the sealing is firm, the sealing performance is good, the belt shape is flat and exquisite, and the packaging efficiency is high. The automatic granule packing machine can automatically complete the bag making, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, technology, printing batch number and other processes.