• High Pressure Air Compressor for Sale

High Pressure Air Compressor for Sale


Air Compressor
  1. Well-designed specifically for small and medium sized users;
  2. The operation is simple, convenient, and less prone to failure;
  3. Designed for filling the air available for breathing;
  4. Guarantee inflatable gas pure health, no the oil tasteless displacement, high-pressure air filling quickly;
  5.  Practices can be achieved without power, and to facilitate the field work;
  6. Small size, light weight, easy to move quickly;
  7. Cost-effective, economical and practical.

Technical Parameters:
Air Displacement ≥1.5m3/min
Working pressure 0.8Mpa
Oil content ≤3ppm
Power ≥11kw
Voltage 230v/3phase/60hz


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