Advantages of flexible screw conveyor

For many batch processing equipment applications, screw conveyors are the best equipment choice. The screw conveyor has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, simple structure and relatively low maintenance requirements, so it is the most attractive equipment choice. In this blog, Focus will introduce the advantages of this type of conveyor.  

Advantages of Flexible Screw Conveyor

Simple operation principle

The metal spiral screw rotates in the fixed tube to generate directional force, which moves the material upward through the tube, from the feed end of the equipment to the discharge point. Tubes and screws are flexible within the prescribed range, and have a variety of configurations, each suitable for the type of material being conveyed.

Can transport multiple types of bulk materials

The screw conveyor can convey many types of free-flowing and non-free-flowing bulk materials, including powders, granules, small particles and small irregular shapes. This type of bulk material takes up very little floor space, and because of its flexibility, it is ideal for horizontal and vertical transportation.

Suitable for mass production and intermittent production

Screw conveyor is very suitable for mass production and intermittent production. The screw conveyor is most efficient when operating at a 45 ° angle, and can also be operated horizontally or at other angles. The conveyor can be equipped with a removable base so that it can be easily moved to service processes located in different areas of the facility.

Small and easy to clean

The screw conveyor is easy to clean and has a small footprint. They can pass the material through the sealed tube, thus eliminating the problems related to product dust during the transportation process.

The conveyor tube and screws of the screw conveyor are flexible and can be bent within the recommended bending radius, so that the conveyor can be routed around fixed obstacles.  

Flexible Screw Conveyor Produced by Focus

Focus produces screw conveyors. These conveyors come in three sizes and can move materials at various distances and angles. An optional mobile base is also provided, which can be easily moved to any process location.Can lift all kinds of powder, granule and match with packaging machine to accomplish the automatic feeding, and single usage in other situation.It is suitable for the non-sticky powder, small grain, particle, granule, such as rice, dry milk powder, salt, soybean powder, etc.

If you are interested in the use of flexible screw conveyor for bevel conveying, Focus will be happy to review and discuss your application requirements.