• Customized Easy-to-clean U Type Screw Conveyor Manufacturer

Customized Easy-to-clean U Type Screw Conveyor Manufacturer

Screw conveyor, also called auger screw conveyor, screw blade feeder, can lift all kinds of powder, granule and match with packaging machine to accomplish the automatic feeding, and single usage in other situation.
It is suitable for the non-sticky powder, small grain, particle, granule, such as rice, dry milk powder, salt, soybean powder, etc.

  • Worked with packaging machine for feeding variety of powdery products.
  • Two motors used for screw feeding and hopper vibrating, separately control.
  • To adjust the hopper amplitude according to the material characteristic.
  • The design of the separation between the hopper and auger screw makes the installation and disassembly easier.
  • The U type tube can be dismantled and so it is easy to clean the powder in the tube.
  • The auger screw(u type screw conveyor) has the forward and reverse function, which is easy to clean materials inside the auger screw

Machine parameters:
Model FM-3G3 FM-3G5 FM-3G7 FM-3G12
Production Capacity 3m³/h 5m³/h 7m³/h 12m³/h
Pipe Diameter φ114mm φ141mm φ159mm φ219mm
Power Supply 0,81kw 1.56kw 1.56kw 2.2kw
Machine Structure 304 stainless steel
Hopper Volume 200L
Voltage 220v/380v, 50hz/60hz
Inclined Angle 45 degree for standard,30 or 60 degree can be customized
Discharging Height 2200mm standard, others available
Hopper Type round or square
Machine Weight 130kg 180kg 230kg 270kg

Scope of application

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