• 30kg Fastener Carton Packing System

30kg Fastener Carton Packing System

This packaging line is suitable for packing long screws nails with length within 65mm into big cartons. It is an automatic line from lifting, weighing, filling into the cartons. All the steps are program-controlled, which greatly lower the labor cost and create profit for the enterprises in the long run.(iron nail packing machine)

  • Product Name: 30kg Iron Nail Packing Machine, that can pack it into carton.
  • Wide application, suites package which ranges from 5kg to 30kg.
  • PLC control, accurate location, fast reponse, stable running.
  • To supplement material automatically, ensure higher accuracy in weighing.
  • With HMI, which makes communication quicker, inspection more multiple.

Technical Parameters:

Model Large-weight Carton Packaging System
Packing Speed 2-6 carton/minute(Actual speed is based on the actual weight)
Packing Material Carton
Carton Size According to customer's requirements
Voltage and Power 3KW, 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz

Scope of application

Sample bag

Production workshop



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