• ODM Bolt Packing Machine Factory-Single Cartonning System

ODM Bolt Packing Machine Factory-Single Cartonning System

This system(bolt packing machine) can realize automatically feeding, conveying, weighing, filling and packing into boxes. which improve the effectiveness of production and lower the labour cost.

  • Product name: bolt packing machine, to pack fasteners such as nut nail bolt into boxes automatically.
  • Widely applicable range, suitable for a wide range of fasteners.
  • Operation-friendly, easily change between different sizes hardware.
  • Using multi-head weigher and high accuracy.
  • With PLC control technology, accurate positioning.
  • The man-machine interface makes communication faster and makes diagnostics more powerful.

Technical Parameters:

Model Single Cartonning System
Speed 12-18 boxes/minute
Carton Width 60-200mm
Carton Length 60-300mm
Voltage 3KW, 220V/380V, 50Hz/60Hz

Scope of application

Sample bag

Production workshop



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