• Premade Food Packing Machine Liquid Mixed Granule Bag Pack
  • Premade Food Packing Machine Liquid Mixed Granule Bag Pack

Premade Food Packing Machine Liquid Mixed Granule Bag Pack

This Premade Food Packing Machine is suitable for liquid mixed granule product packed in bags. Packing range is 0.1-5kg. Suitable for packing pre-made food just like kimchi, salad, tomato meat sauce and so on. This packing system is including hopper(with or without stirrer, warmer), rotor pump or normal liquid pump, food feeding conveyor, bagging machine and finish product conveyor, rotary table are as options.

Premade Food Packing Machine (Liquid + Granule)

Technical Parameters:
Liquid+Granule Bagging System
Machine Material
304/316 stainless steel
Film Width
Bag Width
Bag Length
Packing Speed
10-40 bags/minute
220V/380V, 50HZ/60HZ, 2.5KW


1. The computer operating system adopts imported color touch screen control, digital humanized management, and has a variety of advanced functions such as automatic shutdown and alarm when there is a shortage of materials and packages, making the operation simpler and maintenance more convenient. 2. The film drawing part is controlled by Japanese Panasonic PLC full computer programming, and the sealing part is pneumatic sealing to ensure accurate positioning and perfect sealing, thus improving the stability of the machine. 3. Using the double drum extrusion exhaust mode, the air in the bag can be discharged clean, and air free packaging can be realized. 4. Bag forming, measurement, weight adjustment, bagging, sealing, cutting, packaging and other functions are completed in one time. 5. Strong and beautiful protective door has good waterproof and protection functions. When the hand wants to contact the mobile parts, it is necessary to open the boot door first. Once the door is opened, the machine will stop running to avoid injury caused by carelessness. 6. Cooperate with different material conveying pumps. It can realize automatic quantitative filling and packaging of objects at high temperature, which can effectively improve production efficiency and avoid secondary pollution caused by bacterial invasion. 7. The appearance and forming parts of the whole machine are made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic, in line with food hygiene standards. 8. Can effectively improve production efficiency. Reduce the number of labor, reduce the cost of enterprises. 9. Packaging the finished product is more beautiful and stronger than manual packaging. 10. Equipment components designated large quality brand manufacturers to ensure more stable performance. 11. The design fully complies with food standards and safety standards.
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